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All services to be paid upfront 

All Jewellery will Tarnish over time. 

UV Resin 

Is UV resin safe to wear

Cured UV resin is almost non-toxic. 

The liquid toxins are now UV cured hard and can no longer penetrate the skin.

 UV light can decompose hard synthetic resin.

The decomposed components are toxic.

Allergies can occur

Authentic Aura Crystals is not liable , or limited to , any injury, harm, allergies or damages 

AUTHENTIC AURA CRYSTALS  cannot guaranty the current status, accuracy, completeness of any Content,

product or service or any compliance thereof.

The items are hand crafted from natural materials, The composition and colour may vary from image shown.

There is no guarantee that the true colour of the Jewellery and Crystals will be exact as shown,

every effort has been made to illustrate colours accurately, but this is not always possible 

Crystals and jewellery will have natural defects.

All Crystal Healing Properties are for guidance only​

Jewellery orders come with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Returns ,  DAMAGED or INCORRECT products ONLY.

Privacy Policy

Terms Of Service

Treatments / Divine Guidance / Meditation

For Entertainment Purposes Only

Only refunded before Service / Treatment 

No Refunds after Service / Treatment

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