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Transform / Rebirth You / 5 Session's

Crystalline being / Christ Consciousness

  • 8 hr
  • 555 British pounds
  • Zoom

Service Description

✨Transform Your Life✨ My journey to Christ Consciousness came from the depths of despair to the true divine being we all are & deserve to be. We are all divine beings 💜 We are all extraordinary souls with a mission, a Soul Purpose. Know and Trust you are here to be a blinding light in the darkness. To vibrate at the highest possible frequency and stand in that light💫 In these session's you will learn Amazing Powerful Skills to Immediately transform into earth's angelic form, Your True form of Self. The crystalline being you truly deserve to be. Emerging from the chrysalis to the butterfly / Rebirth You will learn and understand the skills needed to fight the darkness and transmute energy within the body. Re-programme the mind, change negative response to a positive response for your path moving forward in your journey Fully remove and end the cycles of attack on yourself. The Powerful techniques used, create amazing results. A complete game changer. Now is the time to take that power back and transform your life. You are the key to your own self empowerment. The Power Is You! Course outline; Retraining the Mind Remembering the Power of the Mind Understanding Your Mind and Its Power Unlearning Programmes that no Longer Serve You Reclaiming the Mind Back Inner Child Healing Healing the Inner Child Understanding Adult Integration Working with Healing Coming Back to Self- Awareness Working with Forgiveness Coming Home to the Heart Integrating You Bringing the Child and Adult Parts Together Living Whole and Embodying Your Authenticity Creating a Positive Belief System Identifying Limiting Beliefs Rewiring Your Subconscious Mind Forgiveness and Self-Completion Forgiveness and the Inner Peace It Brings Coming Back to Self and Completing the Process, Living Your Best Life Practicing Self-Love Taking Control of Your Life Holding Your Ground & Pushing Forward Empowering Self-Knowledge Reclaiming Your Power and Creating Abundance Love & Light 💫 Online Zoom 5 Sessions (run over 5 days) Time: Allow 1 to 2 hour per session Link will be sent via email for Zoom at a time thats convenient for Both parties.

Cancellation Policy

Pls give 24Hrs Notice for cancellations / changed appointments

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