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Authentic Aura Crystals strives to provide the best all round service for customers wanting an Authentic Spiritual Connection through Meditation, Psychic Mediumship and our selection of Healing Crystals

The Power Is You

With a calm, healthy mind, anything is possible.

I combine my years as a practicing Mindfulness Guide along with unique training techniques to build a meditation practice that suits you.

Learn to understand the unconditional Power in You!

Start Your Journey Today.


Divine Guidance

Spiritual Healing Coach

Remembrance of Self

Certified in Meditation, Psychic Mediumship, Tarot, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Channelling,

I AM, & Hypnotherapy Past Life Regression.

Jewellery design / Silversmith.

Healing Sessions Help guide you to remembering who you are,

The beautiful powerful being you truly deserve to be.

By awakening and taking your inner journey,

Through the many gateways and remembering your true potential for your souls purpose.

To Access a higher Vibration and Help Activate your true Power!

Encouraging you to live the best authentic version of you.

Understanding how amazing you are.

Your Soul Has Been Readying Itself For This Journey For Such A long Time

What Are You Waiting For

Be true to You!

Lovingly Handmade, Reiki Charged 

Crystal Jewellery.

The Crystals Vibration will choose you.

Crystals Will Have Natural Defects.

Silversmith / 925 Sterling Silver.

UV Resin Used to Encase a variety of Crystal Gems, Cured with UV Light

Polymer Clay used to sculpt  a variety of bails

Then Heated for finished product

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